The WaterWall® separator, besides oil & gas field, is great for use in removing tramp oil from machine tool coolants, floor washing or parts washing water at garages, auto dealer, or other equipment service facilities. They can even be used for (land–based) processing of bilge water from boats. In most any situation where there is water containing unwanted oils a WaterWall® unit can be a cost-effective solution to the problem. The recovered oil can be upgraded to be reused or recycled. Lots of customers in various fields over the world have been already saving their costs dramatically with the help of WaterWall®.

Typical applications of the WaterWall® system are:

OIL& GAS PRODUCTION (onshore/offshore)
  • production water (oil)
  • condensate water (gas)
  • deck washing

  • power plants condensate and cooling water
  • petrochemical plants and refineries effluents
  • rolling oil effluents from any rolling mill
  • machine tool coolants
Oily wastewaters from:
  • chemical industry
  • pharmaceutical industry
  • food processing plants
  • mining operations
  • wool and textile industry
Mechanical industry:
  • metalworking: water soluble, semi-synthetic and bio-stable fluids used in grinding, turning and general machining operations
  • metal-finishing: water soluble acid, alkaline and neutral cleaners containing free and mechanically dispersed tramp oils
  • screw machine: tramp oil from water soluble fluids used in screw machine reservoirs
  • primary metals: roll forming, cold heading, stamping and tube mill water soluble fluids used for ferrous and non-ferrous operations

  • bilge water treatment
  • tank ballast water de-oiling
  • oil spill response
  • sea water de-oiling/ desalinization plant protection

  • surface water cleanup
  • ground water cleanup
  • storm water, rain water runoff cleanup

  • diesel/water
  • kerosene/water
  • machine oil/water
  • animal fat/water
  • immiscible organic chemicals/water


Oily wastewaters from:
  • fuel terminals
  • railway yards

Metalworking Fluids Treatment

WaterWall® application: The most cost-effective integrated recovery process to extend the life of metalworking fluids(coolants).

Solid-Liquid Separation

Techno-Floc®: Purification process of polar liquid wastes containing colloidal dispersion of solvated particles.

Waste Heat Recovery

TTVM/G® (Torini Thermo-Volumetric Motor/Generator): A waste heat recovery type generator which offers the ability to convert waste heat into electric energy. 
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